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The four cars engraved into the design on the $10 bill look like different models of cars being manufactured at that time.
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Collecting Fun

How to build a collection that is fun and worth money!

Collecting things can be a lot of fun. Some people have a leaf, or a rock, or a small container of dirt from every place they’ve visited. Others collect stamps or teddy bears. Some people even collect cereal boxes!kids in the beach

No matter what you find cool about a collection, keeping good records is important. And keep your collection organized—you could turn it into a lot of money someday.

Here is a list of some not-so-obvious collections that could be worth a lot of money if you pay attention:

  1. Hair. It might sound gross, but this was actually really common before photographs were invented! Collecting famous people’s hair or old art made from hair can be worth a lot of money.

  1. Other people’s pictures. Speaking of photos! A lot of people collect old film negatives and slides from the days before digital cameras. Not knowing the story behind the pictures gives you the chance to make up your own!

  1. Soap. Specifically, bars of soap from different hotels. If you know someone who travels a lot you could put together a pretty good collection in no time!

  1. Bones. It’s not as creepy as it sounds. Some people will pay a lot for full skeletons of animals. It’s a weird mix of science and art.

  1. Vacuums. They might be a bit big to have a lot of, but there is an oddly large number of people who collect vacuums. If you have a big basement or an old barn, ask around, someone you know might have a cool old vacuum in a closet!

No matter what you decide to collect, it’s important to keep it organized! If you don’t know what is in your collection, you can’t sell or trade any of it. And that is the difference between a collection and a pile of junk: knowing what is in there.

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